Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Something New

I feel like an old lady... I have the hardest time remembering the cute things the kids at school say and the things my nieces and nephew says. So I am going to start posting them so I will be able to look back and laugh and so you can laugh with me... cause lets face it... KIDS SAY THE DARNEDEST THINGS!!

K~ "Auntie I love your phone"
me~ " I love it too"
K~ " Seeing it really makes me want to play it..."
me~ " oh I'm sorry"

Pey~ "Bell (their cat) scrach my arm"
me~ " That's not nice. I'm going to take that cat and..."
Pey~ " throw him outside to do HOITIE TOTOIE"
me~ laughing hysterically " what? where did you hear that?"
Pey~ " Grandpa G telled it to me"

I love these kids!!

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