Sunday, April 15, 2012

Busy weekend...

J's brother and his family came to Logan for B's 7th birthday party. I was fun to see everyone. Friday we went out to the Wood's and played games until after 2am and Saturday I had a BRIDAL SHOWER for my BESTEST friend "Lightning Strikes", then we all met up at the Roper's and watched the guys TRY to cut down the HUGE branch off the Chinese elm tree in their back yard... needless to say, they got it down, but not without hitting the house.OOPS!! It isn't as bad as you would think, but it's still not good. We all got up and went to church and after I wanted to take some pictures of C,C,M and P in their Easter dresses that Great Grandma Hugie made... those are some cute girls!! All in all it was a FANTASTIC weekend!! Love to All

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