Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tough Times Ahead...

Jared and I ( or should have just said I) signed up to do a firework stand the week of the 4th and 24th of July... Today, my dear sweet little mother in law came and helped me ALL DAY!! ( I really enjoy or time togehter we can chat, laugh and sometimes (today being one of them) cry. Cindy and I were sitting there waiting and waiting for someone to come in,but it is Monday... middle of the work day, give them time, so we continued to chat. About 11 am my Auntie Peggy (from Mssoula, Montana) texts me... "Have you talked to your mom? Me: Not lately. Why? My phone rings... and the voice I heard on the other side was not what I was expecting... bear with me, I don't have all the details but it still hit home for me in many levels- Aunt Peggy told me she was with Dave and that he has a seizure on Saturday and she flew out to Wisconsin (where ncle Dave is)and that they found a brain tumor and he is in surgery right now, and they found stuff on his lungs, but they are going to deal with the brain first and any other treatments and stuff wil be done at home in Missoula- I told her I loved them and to hang in there... and hung up.... I told her the very exact same thing people would say to me and it bothered me. I sat there all day thinking and worrying about my Uncle and my Aunt and my cousins~ but it never went away... all day my poor little mind was consumed with what was going on. i love my family more then anything and I pray that this too shall pass!! Love ~D

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  1. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about your Uncle! Hope all goes well and that he can recover quickly.
    Also hope things with your firework stand are going well!