Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! We had a really relaxing day. It was just J and I and his parents here today. This was the year everyone was suppose to be at the "in-laws". We decided last spring that we would not be going to Montana this year... thinking we would be building our house, not the case. Oh well!! Everyone is coming over tomorrow to open gifts, which will be fun!! We got to Skype with C's family down in Moroni, which was fun. Bandit~ of course was spoiled... is spoiled!! He is the best thing we have ever bought!! He makes us so happy!!
We are also spoiled!! We are going to VEGAS the end of January!! That is our Christmas to each other!! We are both really excited~ we are staying with our friend Lightning Strikes and her family. We may or may not be going to see... GEORGE STRAIT!! WOO HOO!!! Well I hope everyone has had a great Christmas!! We love you all!! J,D and B

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