Monday, July 16, 2012

Relay for Life 2112

Well, it started out warm(almost too warm) J, H (j's sister) and I set everything up and got things where they needed to be... that didn't last long. Dinner needed to be eaten, kids needed entertained and Mother Nature wanted to see us all run around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get everything that couldn't get wet into a dry spot. (harder than it sounds when the wind is blowing 13 million miles per hour)oh phew... we made it. Most of our team went to sleep between 3am and 4am. J's dad, cousin and I stayed up all night!! by the time it ended I was exhausted beyond belief. I was showering and I was resting my elbow on the wall while I was scrubbing in the shampoo. All in all we made it happen and it was a great experience for us. But there was one thing that happened that I just can't stop thinking about... as people walk around the track and you go the opposite direction because you are doing committee errands. While I was walking against the crowd, I noticed this man walking alone, wearing a pink shirt...(didn't think much of it because a lot of husbands support their wives and all their silly me I know)I did what I needed to do and decide to finish my lap back to my camp still going against the crow, I saw that same man. There wasn't 1 lap that Vince missed... he walked the ENTIRE 24 hours. What a inspiration to me and everyone that was there. Every time he walked by our camp we offered him water, otter pops, pretty much anything he wanted he could have had. He had no one effected by cancer, he did it for everyone else. His selfless love was for everyone that has or has been affected by cancer. He showed everyone there the true reason of why we do what we do... WE LOVE YOU VINCE!!! THANKS FOR ALL YOU'VE GIVEN US!! I want to encourage each of you to get involved with your communities Relay for Life... you will never be the same and neither will be people we are helping!!! Love Always, Danielle

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  1. Wow! What a great inspiration he is!! That's so awesome that he did all that! I'm glad it went well!!! Love ya!