Saturday, July 7, 2012

As the Relay for Life draws closer

Today, (Sunday) officially starts the week of Relay... I (and some of my team members) have worked so hard on this. We really want it to be a successful and enjoyable event. We have a lot of little things we are raffling of such as... a queen size quilt made by my mom and quilted by my aunt, we have 2 Little Girl baskets. ( Our nieces wanted to be a part of it so that is what they did. The money they make goes towards their goal of $100.00) We have a company out of Ogden that makes water back packs, that has so graciously donated the prototype Breast Cancer awareness pack for us to raffle off. The company is Geigerrig. Amazing people!! We are going to have a FISH POND for the kids, we are also selling Air Heads, Fun Dips, Suckers, Coke products, water, and COTTON CANDY!! We are so excited!! Part of the whole relay thing is WHY? Why do you relay? I have been asked this numerous times and I always go back to my childhood... my mom was a single mom trying to go to school and raise 2 daughters less than a year apart. I think of the the things we got,(we never went without)and the places we got to go, and the friendships that my sister and I will cherish forever, and the memories (way too many to blog about) that we are able to share with our own families... so I guess the answer to the question... WHY DO YOU RELAY IS... Yep it is because of everything they have given me, everything they have done for me... it is the very least I can do so no one else that they love has to go through what they did. I love you Boppa and Granny!! This is all for you... you will always be my sunshine...

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  1. I wish I was there to relay this year!! You are such a wonderful person and I LOVE you very much and I am so grateful for our friendship! Thank you for everything you do for me!