Monday, November 3, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

I didn't realize it has been almost 5 months since I have written, but I guess if you follow me on Facebook, you're pretty up to speed on everything. Well, the last time I wrote we had gone to Montana for a graduation, we have been back 2 times since. One was for a family reunion at Aunt Sherri's in Helena and Ron, Myrna, Marla, Carol came from Washington and a bunch of cousins came that live in the area or not too far. That was lots of fun. Then Jared and I drove up at the end of September for a benefit for Uncle Dave.It was also a great trip. We got word last week that there is a spot that is growing on his lung and he will start getting treatment for it soon. I deep down hope he can come out of this. I love my family so much and it is so hard to be away knowing they are going through a hard time. The end of August, beginning of September we FINALLY started our HOUSE!!! I can't begin to tell you how excited we are to at least be starting. It has been a fun learning experience. We love everyone of our neighbors and are excited to be able to be neighbors. We are hoping to be done July of 2015!! Woo Hoo!!!
Our lot before anything was done to it
Lot after it had been scraped
Us and our neighbors plotting out our house
Our hole has been dug and ready for footings.
Sub contractors pouring our foundation!! Woo Hoo
We have a foundation!! It's starting to look like a house!! At the beginning of October we had family pictures done with Jared's family... it was fun and we love all the pictures... this one is our favorite though...
(Left to Right) Layla (we call her "Sassy Sue" gee I wonder why?) Paislee, Kennady, Maliya, Uncle, Quincee, Meggan, Peyton.(Back Row L to R) Cambrie, Auntie, Brooklyn, Chesnie October 20th Jared's sister K and her husband T went to the SLC Temple to be Sealed for Eternity. It was a very spiritual experience and are grateful they allowed us to be apart of it.
Needless to say we have had lots going on. we are excited to get into our house, after all that is what we have been dreaming about for 3 years!! Hope all is well with everyone!! We love you all Love, J, D, and Bandit

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