Sunday, September 16, 2012

It'S bEeN a LoNg, BuT wOnDeRfUl SuMmEr

I think the last time I wrote was mainly about Bandit!! Yes he is still the apple of our eye and the love of our life. Every night we sit and play with him and we are actually able to have a conversation, it's nice. OK OK enough about him. Jared and I are still staying with his parents, we didn't make "the cut" to move to Smithfield (there were 4 available lots and 6 applicant- oh well) We are both OK with that. We are now looking at the homes being built in Nibley. Not where we were thinking we wanted to go, but we are both thinking this is where we are needed. Someone else knows where he wants us... so we are just waiting for that to evolve and we will be busy building a house. Our summer was busy, but we loved it. We did the Relay and we are both on the committee for the 2013 Relay!! We just went to a camp-out with the other members of the committee and we had so much fun. We (as a team) are going to change the way we do things this year and see if that helps raise the money we want. We'll see. We did go to MONTANA at the end of August and while we were there we celebrated my mom's 60th Birthday!! It was so fun to see her face and how happy she was. Thanks to my Aunt Peggy and Sherri I couldn't have done it without them. Then we went to the BIG GRIZ GAME!! They played SD State~ whoever that is. Jared had a BLAST at the game and I had fun sitting out at the tailgate with some of the family. We always enjoy our time up in Montana with all my family. It was fun to go, but really fun to come back and get our sweet Bandit!! That was a hard thing for me to do... leave him. I cried all the way to Pocatello. Not only for leaving him, but a dear friend lost her husband the night before and my emotions we already on edge. We got him back and all is well. Sorry this is a long one, but it's been a long time. I promise to do better... I love you all ~D

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