Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's Been WAY too Long

Holy Moly!! It has been literally months since I have blogged. (not that anyone reads it.) Well, a lot has happened since I wrote last. We had a great summer, I did Girl Scout camp,spent some time in Montana with my parents, we started a Relay for Life team and had a bake sale, and a garage sale. ( we started it the end of May and the Relay was the beginning of July) I thoroughly enjoyed my summer off.

School started and we headed up to Montana for the University of Montana Football game, and life has been crazy since. We talked about what are next step should be and we have come to the conclusion that we want a house of our very own!! Exciting right?? Well, we have great friends that have given us some super advise over the years and one of our friends encouraged us to apply for the " Non-Profit" homes. ( the ones that you have to help build with other families) So, reluctantly we called and asked about it. We figured because we didn't have any kids we wouldn't qualify. That seems to be the main "qualification" now a days. But, we fall right into the qualifications!! I am so excited!! Now the hard stuff... PAPERWORK!! And there is a TON!!! But, I am organized enough that what they have asked for so far, I have been able to get in just a couple hours. In the mean time we have moved in with Jared's parents to save money... So far so good, we are saving. Had a meeting yesterday with the NPH ( NON-Profit Housing) and we are shooting for JUNE!!! to start building!! I can hardly stand it. I am so excited to have my own home!!

I PROMISE to update as we go with this process!! Maybe even throw in some pictures!! I hope all is well with all of you!
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