Friday, May 28, 2010

Rain Rain go away...

Here it is the end of May and surprise surprise it's RAINING!!! I am so tired of the rain and the wind and the cold. I am ready to be outside and go on walks and go golfing with my husband and BBQing with my friends, and yeah!! But no I am stuck in my house with the windows closed (the only one that is open is the bedroom cause Jared likes to sleep in a freezer). I keep hoping that someday Jared will feel the same way and we can get out of this place, that's not looking very promising. I am sorry that this post is kinda raunchy, but I have to vent, (Jared is tired of hearing it) I am hoping by posting this Mother Nature will read this and feel bad for us in Cache Valley and change her mind about keeping winter here for 9 months.

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