Monday, March 8, 2010

Gluten Free Diet... What?

I have been having really bad tummy aches and I talked to a friend and my Dr and they both suggested that I go 2 weeks with no Gluten. Do you know what that means to a girl that loves bread, cookies, pastries, that kind of stuff? It's pretty much HELL!! I have only done it for 2 days and I thought I was doing okay until I got to work today and with me I had everybody's Girl Scout Cookies. I put the box on the floor and started to work. Lunch time came and I ran to the local store to buy some " G-F" food. I came back with a bag of Spinach, a bag of carrots, broccoli and cauliflower, craisins, and some poppyseed dressing (not sure if that is G-F, but it's good). Lunch was yummy,and refreshing. As the afternoon wore on people came into my office to get their cookies, then all of the sudden I got the BIGGEST craving for some THIN MINTS!! I took a drink of my water, that didn't help. Sipped some of the Dr. Pepper that I have, that didn't help either. I tried talking to my friend Savannah about it and she was having the same craving. I kept eyeballing the box that all the cookies were in (trying to remember who ordered what so I could take theirs and replace it tomorrow)trying to talk myself out of it, but it didn't work. I walked over and took a box of THIN MINTS out of one of the orders and promptly opened it and hurried and put one of those fresh delicious cookies in my mouth, turned around and handed on to Savannah. We are both saying " this is the best cookie h\I have ever had" so what do we do? We have another. Lack of self control? It is going to be so hard to "re train" my body to not eat whatever I want when I want. But Girl Scout Cookies only come once a year and are sooooo delicious!! I am going to put up a valiant effort to get through this, I have been through worse... I think!!

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